An oasis of calm in an already beautiful section of our city, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens is a must-visit for residents and tourists alike.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | January 17, 2018 | Lifestyle

Expansive as our city is, there’s something that sometimes feels lacking in our ever-impressive condominium complexes and beautiful beach sides. Where, the concerned citizen may ask, can one find a natural retreat from the pressures of city life while perhaps learning a little something in the process? Offering just such a sanctum for over 50 years is Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, a verdant grove of native and international horticulture promoting environmental enjoyment and stewardship to one of our city’s most sought-after districts. Not only a communityfunded garden of the highest caliber, of additional interest to those not fortunate enough to have visited these iconic 3 acres is their top-tier event programming, including the 13th Annual Taste Of The Garden on Jan. 25. A gourmand gastronomic experience highlighting a sampling of some of our city’s finest chefs and restaurants, guests can enjoy refreshing sips and savory bites while strolling across a true wonder of our already spectacular metropolis;