Gala Glam

Wondering what to wear to your next charity gala? Let Rex Fabrics lead the way to your red carpet look in a custom-made, head-turning gown that will surely score you a spot on any “Best Dressed” list.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila Photos courtesy of Rex Fabrics | May 19, 2018 | Fashion

Gala season is in full swing and no matter how long we prep our look for the biggest events of the season, we all dread showing up to the ball in the same gown as another gal. Oh, the horror…and you’d better believe it happens. Rest assured you’ll never have to face that fashion faux pas when you don a gown you’ve helped design from start to finish with the help of the style-savvy team at Rex Fabrics. Schedule a consultation with their helpful staff to review your most fabulous dress inspirations and they’ll help find the perfect fabrics, laces, embellishments and stones to start designing and curating your special piece. You’ll watch the design come to life over a few fittings and won’t want to wait to show off your custom masterpiece to the world. Yes, it’s finally time for your close-up;