Furry JetSetters

Our pets are like family and we want them taken care as such, which is where the folks at JetSetVets come in to ensure that no pet ever gets left behind.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 22, 2018 | Lifestyle

New York City and Hamptons celebrity vet Dr. Cindy Bressler caters to the wealthy who will do whatever it takes to keep their pet companions healthy, including often asking her to travel with them. At the same time, Blue Star Jets, well known for being a pet-friendly private air service, found themselves being asked for more and more intricate pet services, including flying pet passengers with medical issues. The result is JetSetVets, which does more than just get on the plane with your furry loved one for in-flight medical care. They also help with necessary travel documentation and work with veterinary hospitals worldwide to ensure seamless transport and transfer of care. They even have nurses trained in pet CPR;