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It’s far and away the most important object you own, repository of all of a life’s memoria and potential. So why would you consign your phone to a clunky cookie-cutter covering? International conglomerate Gresso is adding glitz and glamour to one of our nation’s most necessary accessories.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 8, 2018 | Luxury

It would be cliché to remark in any reputable periodical that to today’s Miamian, a phone is a necessity on par with most major organs. Having two kidneys is a luxury, but organize (and memorialize) a birthday brunch without my smartphone? Insanity. Boldly questioning the lack of ornament inherent in most major phone cases is Gresso, a multifaceted design house and engineering firm adding a patina of the fantastical to our otherwise denuded digital assistants. “Like any other premium product, the luxury technology category is designed for those individuals seeking an elevated experience and unparalleled quality,” says Gresso CEO Iarisa Gordeeva. “The same customer who is seeking a Gresso iPhone or iPhone case is also seeking a luxury timepiece or handbag, and while those items have functionality, they in no way compare to the functionality of a luxury phone.” Pioneers in a field sure to expand exponentially, Gresso’s trademark diamond-encrusted and 18 karat gold cases manage to artfully marry the traditional mechanical sleekness of the device with an exoticism too palatial to be denied;