Freshman Feeling

We’ve all been there…that first dreaded mistake at a new job. But don’t fret, here are other people’s horror stories so you don’t have to feel so bad about yours!
Text by Kayla Avila | May 8, 2018 | Lifestyle

“On my first day as Branch Manager, I called everyone on my team into the conference room. While I spoke about next month’s projections, my Facebook page was being displayed behind my back…left on a page of a horrible family album…Needless to say, I never turn my back on my computer.” — Alejandro N., Branch Manager

“A mere 2 weeks after I met my new boss, I realized I’d been spelling his name incorrectly in all of my emails — autocorrect had changed ‘Jefferies’ into ‘Jerkies’…I only found out about the faux pas because my co-worker replied LOL to a group thread. Talk about an awkward moment!” — Samuel T., Junior Copywriter

“I experienced what I’ve come to call my ‘You only had one job’ moment shortly into my new position. I scheduled a dial-in conference with my team and my task was to watch and learn. After 15 minutes into the call with no answer, I checked my e-mail only to realize I hadn’t send out the invitations to the clients!” — Chantal L., Sr. Account Executive

“Only a few days into my job, I was having a rather heated argument with my wife on the phone when I walked away from my desk for privacy and mistakenly opened the Emergency Exit door, causing the alarm to ring loudly throughout the whole building. So much for being discrete…” — Melissa H., Chief Creative Officer