Fresh Perspective

With Farm Fresh Miami, Erika Rullman Lisman makes getting healthy, locally grown produce easier than a trip to the grocery store.

We’ve all heard about the benefits of farm-fresh, locally grown produce for our health, the environment, our community and — perhaps most importantly — our tastebuds. And thanks to Erika Rullman Lisman’s work with Farm Fresh Miami, getting a hold of those organic goodies is easier than ever. “We’re very passionate about making fresh, healthy food options readily available to everyone,” she says. Through the program, participants receive a bonanza of fresh, sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables every 2 weeks, and can add on a host of delicious a la carte items. From a modest start in Lisman’s Belle Meade neighborhood, Farm Fresh now has over 35 pickup locations and hundreds of members. “Most of the food we eat in this country is grown an average of 5,000 miles away,” she explains. “We’re actively empowering local growers to grow more organic food for those of us who live right here in South Florida, and want to keep it here.”; 786.529.1391,