Foodie Photog

An award-winning food stylist who’s worked with some of the finest restaurants in the country, top chefs call Kelly Sterling when they want their food to look every bit as good as it tastes.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 12, 2018 | People

Reared in the innovative culinary climes of Northern California, the daughter of a pastry chef and successful restaurateur, it’s little wonder that the professional future of Photographer & Food Stylist Kelly Sterling was guided primarily by a love and appreciation for fine foods. Working with such celebrated conglomerates as Google, Coca-Cola and Southern Living, and counting some of the hottest restaurants in the country as clients, Sterling brings a consummately clean and deeply personal aesthetic to each of her shoots. Living, loving and working in South Florida for the last 8 years, Sterling complements her keen eye with professional chef training. With a globe’s worth of plates for her to capture, what are some of her favorites? “The odder, the better,” she says. “Ingredients like sea urchin and raw whole fish always photograph beautifully.”;