Florida Serenity

Throughout her life, Jennifer Basile has turned to nature for its vast healing aspect, through sublime beauty and escapism. And now her nature-inspired renderings are ready for interpretation.
Words by Stacy Wynn | February 24, 2021 | Lifestyle

The practice of grand-scale prints that defines the work of Jennifer Basile creates an environment with which her audience receives the hypnotic effects of an untainted Floridian landscape. She approaches the unique biome of the peninsula with a mindset geared toward artistic release, where she internalizes the experience and reproduces it through variations of ink by print and pen, or painted renditions of canvas. The formal process with which she creates these nature-inspired renderings is emblematic of her meditative and labor-intensive practice. As an artist, she truly immerses herself in her work, as she scouts the locations that she later reproduces by hiking, camping and road-tripping through the raw, mystical world that exists in the backyard of the constructed society that is slowly eating away at natural lands. Her mastery in hand-pulled, one-of-a-kind reduction prints, comes through in every medium she explores. In each rendition, she delivers a serenity, only achieved by such appreciation and immersion within the environment thoughough each work she creates;;