Flavor Supreme

Grillmasters will tell you that it’s not real grilling if it’s not over an open flame — but they probably haven’t been properly introduced to the Kenyon Texan Electric Grill.
Words by Zelda Grant | April 26, 2023 | Lifestyle

Barbecue is a rite of summer. But what if you’re in an apartment? Even those with a balcony may not be allowed to use an open flame. Enter the Kenyon Texan Electric Grill. This powerful double burner has a built-in grill with two 1500 watt elements, offering a safe, yet tasty, alternative where gas and charcoal grills aren’t applicable. With temperatures over of 550˚F, it’s virtually smokeless without any chance of flare-ups. Marine-grade stainless steel makes this grill the perfect option to be used on balconies, rooftops, backyards, RVs boats, and more. Don’t have space for the built-in? They’ve got portables and standalones available;