Fitness First

If a healthier lifestyle is on your horizon, get inspired with a group of Panorama Tower residents taking wellness to new heights in the heart of Brickell.
Words by Jorge Arauz | Photos by Edward Leal | June 25, 2022 | People

Mind Over Matter

Miami native Harvey Palacio is your friendly neighborhood trainer who encourages others to become the best version of themselves by following a mindfulness-first focus. “Fitness is a brick-by-brick process with small victories day in and day out,” he says. “The biggest obstacle isn’t how heavy the weight is or what it says on the scale — it’s about you vs. yourself.”

Wise Yogi

Growing up in Venezuela and moving to the U.S. at 18, Katherine Ng couldn’t imagine living anywhere other than Brickell. When she’s not at work as a Clinical Pharmacist, you can find her on a yoga mat or hanging out with her dog, Chloé. “Remember that wellness is always going to be your own journey,” she says. “You’ll only be happy if you’re not following in anyone else’s footsteps and instead aim to forge your own path toward success.”


New Yorker Zach Doniger is a Personal Injury Attorney who moved to Miami for the city’s top-notch networking opportunities and world-class views. Between caseloads, friends, family, sun, fun and workouts, how does he manage to fit everything into his hectic schedule? “Life is always going to get in the way,” he says. “Establishing a routine is the most important part of any successful wellness journey.”