Finishing Touch

They say you can judge a man by his watch. But how about his cufflinks? These TF Est. 1968 Tourbillon cufflinks pay tribute to fine watchmaking, containing a working watch mechanism in a sleek, eye-catching design. Like any high-quality watch, they’re also air-, water- and impact-resistant. The precision spring-clasp system ensures they won’t spin around on your sleeves, but instead stay just where you want them. We particularly love the yellow gold and black carbon version; $440,

Elegant Accent
Next time you’re giving a presentation, ditch that chipped plywood stand and opt instead for this elegant bookstand from designer Oscar Niemeyer for Assouline press. Manufactured as Maison Rinck in Paris, it’s one of the few pieces designed by Niemeyer during his career and is guaranteed to become a collectible. It’s an excellent way to display a favorite volume; $8,500,

Kids & Money
Just about anyone who’s ever watched a child or grandchild go from the crib to kindergarten and beyond has uttered the phrase, “They grow up so fast.” Although you can’t really freeze a youngster’s precious moments in time, you can take steps to make sure that his or her journey to adulthood starts with a sound understanding of money, investments and personal financial responsibility. The following activities will help.
• Count on Counting Your Change: Smart shopping might begin with a hunt for bargains, but it should end with a review of your transactions. To drive this message home, encourage your kids to unload the groceries and simultaneously compare pricetags with the receipt. If they find a mistake, let them hold on to the refund.
• Play “The Stock Market Game”: Get online and go to There you’ll find “The Stock Market Game.” Sponsored by the Foundation for Investment Education, it lets kids in Grades 4-12 assemble and monitor a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio for 10 weeks.
• Make a Matching Contribution: Want to motivate a child to save? Just offer to “match” a portion of each savings account deposit he or she makes. And don’t be afraid to set a few rules — for example, matching contributions can’t be spent on pizza.
• Take Stock of Household Products: If your child is old enough to understand the concept of stocks and publicly traded companies, go through the house together and identify favorite items, such as computers and clothing. Then look up the manufacturer’s stock price and monitor it over time.

Joel Palatnik, Managing Director, Wealth Management Division at TotalBank is a seasoned Wealth Advisor, and leads his team with the aim to become a lifetime resource to their clients; 305.476.6358, [email protected].

Happy Workers
You spend 40+ hours a week doing it — why wouldn’t you think that a job can make or break your mood? While the best job is definitely the one that fits your skills and interests, here are 3 with higher-than-average happy stats.

Blissful Trip
According to the University of Chicago, the 3rd-happiest job in the country is working as a travel agent. Maybe it has something to do with that required in-the-field experience, or the endless array of perks?




Real Hero
The #2 on the list? Fighting fire. Firefighters claim that the perks of the job — including the feeling of knowing you’re saving lives — more than outweigh the exposure to dangerous situations.




Occupational Calling
And the #1 happiest job is held by clergy. Regardless of faith, most religious leaders claim to have the highest level of job-related good feelings of any other career on the planet. Divine intervention, you ask? Most definitely!