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Meet some of South Florida’s most revered interior designers. Their insights, taste and dedication are sure to get you thinking about which areas in your home need a little extra spruce up.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | Profile photos by Edward Leal | Project photos courtesy of Respective Designers | October 30, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

Dominique Bonet
Lineaire Designs, LLC
2347 Biscayne Blvd, Ste. 108 Edgewater

Dominique Bonet’s style can be best summed up as warm minimalism. “I enjoy working in different styles that can push me out of my comfort zone, it’s a way of learning,” she says. “When I’m asked about my inspiration I always think of the Picasso quote that says “Inspiration comes, but it has to find us working “ I truly believe that you have to constantly work to find inspiration, see what’s new in art, fashion, design and see what talented people around the world are doing.” Ms. Bonet has a strong reputation for taking a client’s goals from dream to reality seamlessly, reducing stress by handling the entire process for clients so that they don’t have to deal with different contractors, etc. “We do the design, construction, permits, furniture and give clients back a complete turnkey project,” she says. Her efforts are rewarded by a growing client list. “We have been working a lot, in the last few years we’ve completed more than 300 projects, mostly residential,” she says. As for future plans, she would like to increase her commercial projects portfolio and get closer to a 50% residential, 50% commercial balance.

Full renovation in a spectacular waterfront unit in Fort Lauderdale.
Here two units were completely demolished at the iconic Roney Palace in Miami Beach to convert them into a modern 2 bedroom plus den.
Miami headquarters of a technology company.
Custom concrete wall slabs with white marble floating stairs.
This was a complete remodel of a 1950 house in MIMO Morningside.
Design Tips | Starting Point Starting Point “Flooring will be the first big decision in a project, it will define a lot the design direction and as it’s not something that can be easily removed so you need to be sure you’re making the right choice.”
Design Tips | Neutral Basis “I personally like to work with neutral tones in big pieces of furniture and add color touches in smaller pieces that can be changed when you want to refresh your space.”
Design Tips| Special Effects “Lighting is one of the most important things to take care of, you can emphasize the areas you want to highlight and keep others with a dimmer to achieve the desired effect.”

Talia M. Grijalva
California Closets Miami
900 Park Centre Blvd., Ste. 476 Miami Gardens

One of Talia M. Grijalva’s favorite things about Miami is that it is a true international destination. “I love that you can find extractions from different cultures wherever you go,” she says. “Whether you’re in Calle Ocho, Miami Beach, Brickell or Key Biscayne, you will find a mix of people, fashions and styles. I love that the California Closets proprietary 3D CAD program makes the process so much fun for the client and completely dissolves the idea of a language barrier affecting the project. I’m able to work with someone from France, Spain or Japan while having a smooth and enjoyable process from start to finish.” In her many years of experience, she has helped her clients’ families grow. “It’s wonderful to help clients design their closets in their first home, or their first nursery, or family room where beautiful memories are made,” she says. Her clients become part of the California Closets family knowing they can contact her at anytime with any project, expansion or repair they will have in the future. “Nothing is more gratifying than to see the smile of a customer and to hear them saying they got exactly what they wanted and California Closets changed their lives for the better!”

A walk-in closet is a room all its own. Designated shoe shelves, jewelry drawer inserts and details such as decorative hardware personalize the space. Lighting within a walk-in closet increases functionality and dramatically enhances the aesthetic of a simple design. Pull-out accessories such as belt, tie, scarf and valet pin maximize space and organization.
The Virtuoso closet is a sleek and modern option. The open walk-in concept gives the client a high-end boutique aesthetic. Optional decorative moldings and details further customize the overall look to make the space feel like a built-in feature within any home.
This custom-built wardrobe was a fashion blogger’s dream design. The drawers feature dovetail construction, undermount slides and quiet soft-close mechanisms to ensure superior quality and a lifetime of use. The addition of spotlights over display shelves in the shoe closet makes the items a focal point.
Give your home office a cozy feeling. Personal touches like a wine rack and bar along with a custom designer sitting bench area brought this client a sense of peace and calm. Each shelf was perfectly measured to fit the items the client wanted on display.
Streamlined Life | Make It More
Take full advantage of the height and depth of the spaces. “Make mix use of a room — turn your office into a guest room with the addition of a Murphy bed.”
Streamlined Life | The Extras
Make sure to assign specific areas for your items. For example, “Don’t throw that robe on the floor. We offer a valet pin that discreetly pulls out to hang items when needed.”
Streamlined Life | Clever Creations
“Hide! Hide! Hide! Use pull-out hooks instead of hanging rods and tilt-out hampers instead of standard laundry bins that take up usable space!”

Janet Patterson 
Janet Patterson Interior Design (JPID)
900 Biscayne Blvd., Downtown Miami

Janet Patterson believes that part of being a good designer is being well-versed and able to conform to any design style or aesthetic. “Whether ultra-modern, contemporary, coastal chic, transitional or eclectic, it all comes down to composition, depth and intention,” she says. “Every space should serve a purpose and allow you to live more comfortably, whether that purpose is to entertain, to relax, to work, or to rest. If it is space that’s lacking, then the intent would be to create a sense of openness by implementing the right lighting, hidden storage and thoughtfully scaled furniture. If the space is over-abundant; you can create a sense of warmth and coziness by creating “living zones” that will organically divide the area.” Patterson’s passion started in her childhood years. She grew up in the north side of Chicago, in a family of three with an older brother and a single mom who owned a hair salon and worked long hours. “On the weekends, I would spend hours organizing her drawers, color-coordinating her closet and re-arranging furniture,” she says. “When she would come home, I would make her put her bag down and I’d give her a tour of the entire house and how I transformed everything — I was so excited and proud of what I did!” Little did she know that decades later, she would be giving clients tours of their homes with the same level of excitement.

Bedroom with added lighted ceiling soffit with stainless steel hanging pendants and charcoal suede finish painted headboard accent wall. The JPID custom-designed nightstands and Italian bedding are accented with a cashmere throw.
Open floorplan kitchen with carrara marble tops, island waterfall detail and clear pendant lights with nostalgic bulb lighting. Dropped lighting soffits throughout feature added recessed lighting.
Sitting area with forest green leather swivel chairs, walnut coffee table, taupe leather sectional and JPID custom-designed wall unit.
Dining room with JPID custom-designed wall unit, and custom table and chairs meld well with the client’s art.
Sitting area with forest green leather swivel chairs, walnut coffee table, taupe leather sectional and JPID custom-designed wall unit.
A subtle woodgrain faux finishing treatment in a crisp light color can freshen and update the look of drab wall paneling without having to replace it or rip it out and start new.
Adding pops of vibrant color or pattern creates depth and instant mood to any space. It also establishes visual interest and affects the mindset of anyone who enters.
Adding a simple overhead lighting soffit with dimmable recessed lighting and hanging pendants above your headboard wall creates warmth and ambience in a bedroom.

Aimee Lopez
I.C. Designs By Aimee
9735 N.W. 52 St., Ste. 105

Growing up with a fashion designer mother and an artistic entrepreneurial family, Aimee Lopez was raised in the world of couture. As such, she worked for half a decade in the high-end women’s clothing industry between NYC and Miami, and another two years in a multinational business as a trainer delivering marketing and sales workshops. Right after those amazing experiences, she decided to start her own business. To her, interior design is not merely an accurate creative process, it’s the art of inspiring and evoking unique feelings. “I believe that through continuous attention to details and balance, I can create timeless interior designs that connect with people and tell a story while capturing the most authentic essence of those who will be interacting in a space.” Today, she has over 15 years in the real estate field, including experience in investing, remodeling, interior design and staging properties for sale. She also has degrees in Fashion Showmanship & Marketing, a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, an Interior Design Diploma and a Master’s in International Business. Her commitment to design starts before dawn each day when she activates her source for inspiration during her morning run.

Modern and classical details can coexist, but only if using the right tones and materials.
Even the smallest change can make a big difference in any remodeling project.
When you need to achieve a minimalist and modern concept, just remember, “less is always more.”
The sunlight can be used to your advantage to provide a brighter environment, so it’s always a good idea to let it in.
Surface Specialist | Perfect Porcelain
“I always love using porcelain tiles for my remodeling projects, mainly because of their high durability and wide range of stylish patterns to create modern designs.”
Surface Specialist | Mosaic Masterpieces
“Glass mosaic tiles are very popular for kitchens and bathrooms because they can provide a touch of elegance and originality to any environment.”
Surface Specialist | Going Natural
“Stone tiles can also provide very natural and refined design details to a remodeling project, but it’s always important to understand their different properties.”