Finance Leaders

The Master’s programs at the Miami Business School at the University of Miami offer several convenient options for people who want to further their knowledge to advance in their current job or prepare themselves for a career change.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | October 28, 2019 | Lifestyle

The Miami Business School at the University of Miami creates the financial leaders of tomorrow. “The Professional MSF (Master in Finance) is a great option for people who want to make a career switch into finance or want to refine their knowledge in finance,” says Eli Cohen Barry, a graduate finance student at Miami Business School. “I currently work at a wealth management firm and a fund of funds and am gaining great real-world experience. However, my background is not in finance. The master’s degree is beneficial for me, as the technical tools and the formal academic background I’m gaining at UM will help me succeed in my career. I’m learning a lot from the courses and professors while matching what I learn in the classroom with my experiences at work. I’ve been in the Professional MSF for two months now, and already feel more knowledgeable at work talking about business and the global market.” While the Professional MSF helps those working in finance to refine their knowledge, it is also a great opportunity for those looking to make a career switch into the industry. The Bridge to MSF program offers a flexible and innovative curriculum to help those with no prior financial experience gain the background they need to be prepared for the Professional MSF program. Professionals with a background in finance can immediately enroll in the MSF program where they will transform themselves into financial leaders and global thinkers. MBS’s graduate finance degrees are STEM-designated, allowing international students to extend employment opportunities in the U.S. for up to a total of 36 months. Full-time and online options are also available;