Fashion Classics

For more than half a century, Mirto has dressed top executives across Europe. Now, their distinguished contemporary style is transforming the look of Brickell with the opening of their first U.S. store.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | August 28, 2018 | Fashion

Shirtmakers since 1956, family-owned Mirto is renowned for their top-quality fabrics, cutting-edge patterns and designs, technological innovation and the best artisan know-how that results in a collection of shirts covering the wardrobe from formal to sporty and casual, all made in Madrid. While they continually look to complement their existing collections, the shirt has always been the focus for their creativity, because it’s the garment that first featured their namesake. In fact, this is how their tie collection came about — there’s no better natural accessory for a shirt. At the turn of the Millennium, Mirto began focusing on creating a collection of shirts for the modern and urban woman. This collection includes basic and timeless styles that are the female version of the masculine classics, as well as more sophisticated pieces. More recently, for life’s more relaxed moments, they offer the Home Range Collection, which includes pajamas, gowns and boxer shorts. Other more recent additions include rugby shirts and polo shirts trimmed with shirt collars that use classic shirt fabrics to create a luxury sportswear range;