Face Forward

SCOTTeVEST, the global maker of multi-pocket clothing just launched the SCOTTeMASK, the world’s first multifunctional facemask that you’ll want to keep even after the pandemic passes.
Words by Anja Maltav | November 26, 2020 | Fashion

An innovate company with a goal to create functional fashion with well-designed pockets and clever features, the hallmarks of SCOTTeVEST’s innovative designs have evolved over the years from a single vest to a full line of clothing for both men and women. Their mantra is “It’s Not Rocket Science — It’s Pocket Science!” An inevitable byproduct of increased guidance on social distancing and mask mandates, the company saw a need for a mask that did much more than just protect against contagion. And so the SCOTTeMASK was born. “Early in the pandemic, I was reluctant to create a mask because I couldn’t think of something special to add,” says Founder & CEO Scott Jordan. “We took our time and created something that is truly unique and useful.” As such, you’re not only protected as you go about your daily life, the masks are also suitable for many outdoor activities and offer protection from sun, wind, dust, bugs, smog, smoke, air pollution and other irritants. Available in black, gray and red; $44;