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Advanced nutrition specialist Luther Lange takes health and wellness to a new level with the Fit 3D scanner. The machine creates a 3D mock-up of your body for in-depth evaluations and targeted nutrition and exercise plans 
Words by Sandy Lindsey | October 28, 2019 | Lifestyle

Luther Lange has made it his mission to bring consciousness and promote healthy living in Miami through 305 Fit Club. “It’s all about re-educating and instilling good lifestyle habits to ensure a healthful and long life,” he says. Through his new clinic in Miami, he services clients by using state-of-the-art unique tools that help him evaluate and determine the best strategies for goals to be met. “I’m lucky to be one of the only professionals in Florida that can offer theFit 3D Scanner,” he says. “Among other capabilities, the machine shows an up-close look of a client’s posture so I can easily notice at a glance if they need help with weight distribution as they stand, what exercises I can recommend to better their posture, and so on. I can also view images over time to see improvements, such as a drastic difference in posture because I was able to recommend the specific exercises and stretches needed.” In addition to improving factors like posture and chronic pain, he looks at the client overall and guides them toward a healthier lifestyle that will yield weight loss and higher energy levels; @The305Coach;