Fabulous Faces

From bold colors to glitter everywhere, these are the must-have looks for Fall 2019. Ladies, it’s time to shake up your makeup kit!
Words by Zelda Grant | September 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

Glitter Glam

Let’s all glitter bomb! The easiest way to get this look is with glitter eyeshadow, but don’t stop there. Add some loose glitter to your lip gloss, toss it across your cheekbones, fling it on your shoulders when your look shows a little skin. We’re not just talking sparkles, but stars, moons and any other attention-grabbing shape you can imagine.

Bold Mouth

Lip color is an easy way to update your look…and it’s time to go bold and bright! And not just the regular shades of red and fuscia, but yellow and blue, too. As long as it’s bold, it’s trendy. Or take it one step further and give yourself rainbow lips to make a bold statement this season.