Extra Appeal

While the latest timekeeping technology has charm, it just doesn’t have the soul of a classic Rolex or Omega. But attach the Chronos Disc and suddenly your epic watch has a bevy of useful apps.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 10, 2018 | Luxury

Smart watches are a great way to stay connected to the world, monitor your health and never miss an appointment, but they tend to be as attractive as Grandma’s refrigerator. Add in the fact that you may need to tap the face to wake it up, a less than stellar idea when riding your Ducati, and it’s easy to choose to live without all the cool apps. A classic analog wristwatch is the only choice for those with style. But what if your Breitling or the Patek Philippe you inherited from Grandpa could notify you of e-mails, phone calls, or Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other messages? Simply attach the unobtrusive Chronos Disc to the back of your classic watch and it can do all that, plus access the camera, music and health apps on your iPhone or Android. The Chronos can even help you find your phone when you misplace it. Style never looked so smart;