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My House Hospitality is committed to creating unforgettable experiences in the most exclusive spots in the city. They buy properties in top locations and transform them with the support of an experienced team of designers in order to meet the needs and expectations of discerning clients who want to enjoy the dynamics of Miami.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | September 28, 2022 | Design & Real Estate

After identifying deficiencies in the current real estate market, Suad Yidios and Brian Mejia, a married millennial couple, founded My House Hospitality with the express purpose of supplying clients with a new business model that offers luxurious commercial and residential properties, not only in strategic places, but at reasonable prices, with the additional value of living the real Miami experience. “Since its inception, our company has put its efforts on buying, transforming, promoting and changing commercial and residential spaces for short- and mid-term rentals in prime spots throughout the city,” says Yidios. “Miami is known for its unlimited potential due to its cultural diversity and growing influx of tourists who seek to enjoy world-class entertainment offerings and points of interest, making it the perfect place to do business.”

Currently, My House Hospitality owns studios and apartments of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-bedrooms, as well as houses and 4-story townhouses with rooftops offering breathtaking views of the Brickell skyline. As of today, they occupy more than 100 bedrooms, with over 200 beds. “My House Hospitality is recognized in Brickell, Downtown and Wynwood as a hub of opportunity in the world of Miami real estate,” says Yidios. “Our goal is to offer places where you can enjoy all the fun the city has to offer, while also networking with others, which is ideal for business, tourism and other social events. We also offer profit-driven property management services to our partners who trust that their assets will be in the hands of experts.”

One of those experts is Ms. Yidios herself, a 28-year-old businesswoman with vast experience in property management and real estate, who has surrounded herself with an exceptional team of experts in the real estate market. “Together, we share the same dream and purpose: being America’s #1 company in customer experience,” she says. “We believe that our understanding of the market and Miami, a constantly evolving city, plays a big role in our success.”

Additionally, My House Hospitality’s careful choice of properties is a large part of their appeal. In fact, a client once fell in love with one of their fully renovated properties and wanted to buy it. “He eventually offered to purchase the property for twice its original price, an offer we could not refuse,” she says. “Today, he’s not only one of our preferred clients, but also a very good friend.” 

By creating spaces in the most coveted areas of Miami with very competitive prices, My House Hospitality makes it possible for not only singles, couples and businesspeople to immerse themselves in The Magic City, but for families to share in the comfort of an elegant home while being in close proximity to amenities such as fine dining and first-rate entertainment — it’s a “something for everyone” approach. “Our expertise has enabled us to achieve a successful and sustainable business model,” she says, inviting others to invest in the business model. “It’s a simple and fast strategy which allows our investors to grow their investment portfolios in one of the most interesting cities in the world.”

Amongst the company’s greatest accomplishments has been generating exponential company growth year after year despite the pandemic and recent market fluctuations, which have led to price hikes in real estate and harsh competition in the sector. “Luxury homes, stunning decoration, excellent locations and the best customer service are what makes our experiences so unforgettable,” she says. “Working day and night for our guests, we provide them with the attention they deserve and have come to expect, offering a a wide variety of superior services in carefully chosen locations for their stays.” The perks include exclusive activities in innovative restaurants, bars and nightclubs, varying in size from 2,000 to 30,000 sq. ft. “Our leadership has more than 15 years of experience, which combined with our many years of knowledge, has helped us achieve new levels of operational success.”

My House Hospitality’s current goal is to continue to fill in the gaps in the market by adding to their company´s diverse portfolio. Future plans include creating an exceptional all-in-one business model for their clients in the real estate market where they can experience hospitality, entertainment and delightful culinary experiences. The goal is always to make clients feel at home while experiencing a variety of unique experiences seamlessly;