Exquisite Exposures

A playful creative whose compositions stir our hearts, minds and appetites, Food Photographer Libby Volgyes makes some of our region’s most tantalizing dishes come to life.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | Portrait by Cydney Scott Photography | June 27, 2018 | People

It’s the unavoidable hallmark of our social media-saturated age: Log on to any of friend-centric apps and image after over-processed image of everyone’s dubious meal choice instantly fills your feed. An artist who takes everyone’s favorite pastime into a professional stratosphere suffused with both grace and depth, South Florida-based Food Photographer Libby Volgyes considers her food-focused photography to be the natural artistic expression of who she is on a deeper level. “Within food photography, I’m drawn to so many things,” says the former Nebraskan photojournalist who followed her passion into the elite array of South Florida cuisine-concerned cameramen. “It’s all about the lights and how critical that is, those beautiful, quiet moments that can tell an entire story in one frame…it’s a collaboration between the creator, their dish or cocktail, the viewer and me;” Shooter for a number of notable publications and restaurants all across our state, Volgyes will continue evolving as a guru of the gourmand paparazzo for many years to come;