Culture & Art

Exotic Décor

Looking for a little decoration inspiration to make the spaces in your home or office stand out? Head East. Morocco, Egypt and India all offer traditional styles that have stood the test of time.

Go all-out with rich textiles for curtains, spreads and accent blankets, or take a more subtle approach by adding Eastern-inspired pieces to a more contemporary design. There really are no rules and there are dozens of ways to make your existing pieces work harmoniously with the new look you are trying to create. Best of all? There’s an increasing number of outlets offering products sourced in line with fair-trade principles, which means the local artisans are paid a decent wage and work under safe, humane conditions. The results are high-quality items such as the fair trade Chandra Stool from Myakka pictured here. Hand-made in Northern India from Indian rosewood, it’s the perfect piece to lend a refreshingly exotic accent to your living room, bedroom, office space or any other room you want to improve upon;