Exclusive Knits

Trendsetting designer Lolitta thinks Miami is an amazing place that has evolved culturally, allowing her designs to mesh well with the city’s backdrop. Check out her recently launched designs for LOLITTA at Bossa Concept.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 26, 2019 | Fashion

Lolitta’s mother has worked with knitwear all of her life, bringing the best of the best in terms of quality and threads from Europe. When Lolitta was 12, she decided to start her own line for teens. The stores that carried her mother’s knitwear eventually bought into her collections as well.  “As time passed, I attended college, making it impossible for me to focus on my teen line, but I always made my own clothing,” she says. “At that time, knitwear was considered more of a layering piece so when I would go out wearing my designs everyone would approach me because the pieces were so unique. My friends started asking to purchase them from me, so I started out small until one of Brazil’s largest luxury retailers reached out to me to buy my entire collection.” And so the LOLITTA brand of truly artisanal pieces was born. “I visit Miami often and would always stop by Bossa Concept, where our conversations around collaborating started,” she says. “They’ve been a great partner since the beginning and we’re thrilled to be able to offer a specially curated selection of LOLITTA pieces here in Miami.”;