On runways across the globe, couture gowns are increasingly evolving into masterpieces straight out of a fashion-focused fairytale. Augment your wardrobe this season by considering some of the brands taking the lead on this glamorous trend.
Text by Mariela Ortega | March 9, 2018 | Fashion

From the way we move to the way we shop, machines have been taking over our lives one industry at a time. Despite that, when it comes to fashion, the craftsmanship of handmade products has not faded. This couture season is a celebration of the hard work that goes into the production of jaw-dropping gowns made “the old-fashioned way.” On runways across the globe, fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior and Schiaparelli presented dresses that were brought to life thanks to hundreds of hours of hand labor that included everything from hand-cut lace to over-the-top embellishments. Even though a designer couture gown is not something that can easily be acquired for most, it will not take long for this trend to trickle down and invade every fashion brand on the planet — from Alice + Olivia to Zara. So let’s wait patently to have the perfect piece of hand-embroidered details that will make out closet a more interesting place to plan out outfits for any occasion.