Elevated Experience

Duke & Dame is a premium craft whiskey with robust salted caramel flavor and just the right amount of sweetness — sophisticated enough to be sipped neat yet playful enough to be enjoyed as a shot or in a cocktail.
Words by Anja Maltav | November 28, 2021 | People

While exchanging ideas at a bar in South Florida, Amani Macaulay & Chima Burey pursued their shared passion of creating a whiskey that would appeal to everyone’s palate, redefining the whisky-drinking experience in the process. The result is Duke & Dame, a Florida-based salted caramel whiskey with only 1g of sugar per serving. The award-winning brand has been recognized by esteemed industry experts and discerning consumers as one of the best flavored whiskeys on the planet. “Our vision was to redefine the whiskey-drinking experience by creating a premium flavored whiskey that would stimulate the senses at each stage of the drinking process, with incredible aroma, remarkable taste and an extremely smooth finish,” say the founders. Their signature cocktails are also getting quite a buzz around town including their namesake Old Fashioned, Boulevardier, Pineapple Mule, Ginger Mojito and Caramel S’more Martini. Available at Total Wine South Beach and