Electrifyingly Beautiful

When considering electric cars, most lists include the breadbox-like BMW i3, a Tesla or the Porsche Mission E. What should be on the list is an import from Croatia that is perhaps the “Super-est” of supercars.
Text by Bill Lindsey | April 30, 2018 | Luxury

Last year Croatian car manufacturer Rimac literally exploded onto the scene. While filming for Amazon’s The Grand Tour, host Richard Hammond inadvertently drove a Rimac Concept One off a cliff. The car rolled downhill, spectacularly bursting into flames seconds after Hammond was dragged to safety. The car’s 1,200 hp of electric power was instantly teleported to the wheels upon pressing the accelerator. To describe the car as “twitchy” would be a massive understatement. Now there is the Rimac Concept Two, crackling with 1,900 hp of instant-on power; going from 0 to 60 faster than you can read this sentence (1.9 seconds). The automotive equivalent of an evil Angelina Jolie, the Concept Two is achingly beautiful, trying to kill you every 3 seconds, but you won’t care. To help prevent owners from becoming the dearly departed, it’s equipped with a plethora of devices that essentially allow the car to drive itself. If you seek the world’s most exciting, fully electric yet possibly lethal means of transport, we suggest the Concept Two and a really good medical plan;