Ecosexual Revolution

You’ve heard of metrosexuals and retrosexuals, well, now its time to become familiar with ecosexuals. Yes, you read that right. Eco + Sex unite forces to form a new generation of ecologically responsible sexy beasts.
Text by Ros Prado | May 28, 2018 | Lifestyle

So, what exactly is an ecosexual? It can be best defined as a an ecologically conscious person who’s green living practices extend to their romantic life. Um…okay, there’s some ‘splaining to do. Well, for starters, ecosexuals keep everything as raw and conscious as possible by avoiding any products that may harm the environment in every aspect of their lives — from driving a hybrid car to using ecologically friendly latex and lube in the sack. But even more important than the purchases they make, ecosexuality explores the connection between humans and Mother Nature. They believe that the beauty of a sunset or the majestic wonder of the sea can be both arousing and exciting for the senses and that spending time outside in nature can lead to greater pleasure in the bedroom. How’s that for an aphrodisiac?