Easy Transport

Towing a boat, motorcycle or classic car on a trailer is easy — just connect and go. The problem is parking it while effectively communicating with whomever is helping you back it up!
Words by Bill Lindsey | August 27, 2021 | Luxury

Keeping your toy on a trailer allows you to safely store it at home and quickly take it to faraway adventures. The problems start when you get home. Using a vehicle to park a trailer is a skill right up there with brain surgery. It’s awkward looking over your shoulder while backing up and turning the wheel left makes the trailer go to the right. There are two solutions: use a helicopter or get the Parkit360 trailer dolly. The Parkit360 allows you to tuck any trailer into even the tightest spot in minutes with no worries. Simply disconnect the trailer from the tow vehicle and attach the Parkit360. A powerful electric motor pushes or pulls the trailer as you steer the trailer at any angle required to park in places that would be impossible with a tow vehicle. Because you face the trailer, it’s easy to precisely control its motion. Parkit360’s are available in enough sizes to move virtually any trailer across grass, gravel or asphalt — rain, snow or shine;