Easy Gourmet

Homecooked meals are inexpensive, delicious and satisfying, but who wants to sweat over a hot stove after a long day at work. You’d be surprised. We’re here to turn you from a Restaurant Takeout Artist to a Kitchen Warrior.
Words by Zelda Grant | January 30, 2021 | Lifestyle

Chef Performance

Absurdly innovative Hestan has revolutionized the kitchen once again with the introduction of the inventive Hestan Cue, a guided Bluetooth cooking system. Through a perfect marriage of science, technology and sheer culinary craftsmanship, Cue transforms home cooking into an immersive, culinary experience. The connected pan, induction burner and recipe app act as a coach in the kitchen, guiding users through each phase of the cooking process, helping to ensure a perfectly finished dish every time;

Just Add Water

Sous-vide cooking produces delicious results, but using an immersion circulator and a water bath to create low, steady temperatures is intimidating. No longer. The built-in weight sensor on the Mellow Smart Sous-Vide Machine ensures that the device knows exactly what to do once food is placed inside the water bath. As it’s Bluetooth-enabled, the chef can control the cooking process from anywhere, accepting feedback to customize future meals to your taste;

Culinary Genius

Learn the art of cooking at home from the world’s best chefs right in your own kitchen. The YesChef launch features 13 world-respected chefs including Nancy Silverton, Edward Lee and Erez Komarovsky. The experience goes beyond online learning to deliver a unique combination of globetrotting and inspirational storytelling with hands-on teaching inside a food-centric immersion to let users feel like their with the chefs at home. It’s as inspiring as it is educational;