Drive Time

A wristwatch is a unique opportunity to express your individuality and passion. As an example, a dive watch says you crave adventure. The Azimuth Gran Turismo tells the world you drive really fast cars.
Words by Bill Lindsey | March 27, 2021 | Luxury

Virtually all watches require you to rotate your wrist to see the time. In an elevator or in the boardroom, that’s not a problem. However, imagine yourself at the wheel of your Porsche GT3, hurtling around Homestead Raceway’s road course at 145 mph. You need to be on a 2 p.m. Zoom call but survival requires you to keep your hands on the wheel. A quick glance at the Gran Turismo’s canted dial tells you it’s 1:30 p.m.; plenty of time for a few more laps. At first glance, the Gran Turismo Watch is a piece of modern art secured to your wrist. Viewed from above, it in no way resembles a typical watch; the dial is canted to allow perfect visibility while driving a car or riding a motorcycle. The hour is clearly displayed at the top while second and minute hands sweep around an inner dial. Best yet, the auto-winding mechanism inside the stainless housing stays in place at all speeds by means of a thick, premium leather band;