Drink Doctor

Greg Howell doesn’t just want to craft you a cocktail, he wants to cure what ails you and he’s devised a short list of 150 remedies perfect for just about any occasion.
Text by Rony Mo Photos by Korey Davis | June 4, 2018 | People

Greg Howell slaves over his practice because he’s emotionally invested in the outcome of every drop that leaves his shaker. This isn’t a weekend job or a dinky part-timer for him. In fact, 60-hour weeks are common as there’s much to do leading to your first sip. Fresh cream needs to be whipped, and 40 cups of lavazza espresso are brewed a week to meet the requirements of just one drink…The Cortadito Martini with Smirnoff Vodka, Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka and ChocoVine. “Whatever I’m making behind the bar needs to rival whatever’s coming out of our kitchen,” he says. Deep in the recesses of his bottle-lit bar there’s a mad scientists’ lab where he works on infusions, dehydrates herbs and germinates seeds like the mixologist version of Gregor Mendel. “Recipes are meant to be broken,” he smirks as he puts the finishing touches on a cucumber-basil mojito. If you order a vodka-soda, he might offer you a gimlet even if it means extra work, because he cares about your drink getting watered down. Much like The Strokes lament in their indie hit, Taken For A Fool, Monday and Tuesday are Gregory’s weekend. Any other time you’ll find him at Spaghettino managing, backing and tending a full bar.

Chambord Bramble
2 oz. Tanqueray London Dry Gin
2 lemon wedges muddled with 2 teaspoons of sugar
Splash of Club Soda
Drizzle of Chambord Liqueur