Dream Space

Let Lillian E. Rodriguez turn your house, condo or office into the space of your dreams with Recess Project, LLC, a company dedicated to creating extravagant spaces and affordable prices.
Text by Jorge Arauz Photo by Kevin Pineiro | July 6, 2018 | People

Lillian E. Rodriguez

Recess Project, LLC
[email protected]

“Everyone deserves a beautiful space to call home, whether they live in a cozy studio or in a sprawling mansion. Recess Project brings design consultation services to the masses, working within any budget to create the perfect space for your taste. Our goal is to make professional design accessible despite a limited budget. I have learned how to find a lovely balance between inexpensive and designer items, a skill that’s essential to achieve a space that looks and feels high-end at a fraction of the cost.

“I spent a lot of my childhood revamping Barbie’s Dream House and rearranging furniture in my friend’s bedrooms! I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Ai Miami International University of Art and Design and have since been working at a local interior design firm that specializes in high-end residential and commercial design, gaining experience and being exposed to the most extravagant of tastes. During my spare time, I work on Recess Project and am very dedicated to providing great customer service to my clients. I’m very lucky to have this outlet to express my creativity and help people achieve the space they’ve always wanted .”

Future Goals:
“I’d like to begin philanthropic projects in which I, together with sponsors, am able to design spaces for underprivileged children and foster children in the community. These children have so little and many have had such difficult lives, I feel that a beautiful space to call their own is the least I can do to make their lives a little sweeter. As such, I’m seeking sponsors/collaborators that would like to come together and assist in financing these projects. In 2010, I will also be starting my own design blog in which I will interact with and interview other local designers and express my interest and thoughts about design, products, trends and anything else that interests or inspires my work.”