Drawing Crowds

Inspired by the bodacious excitement of old-fashioned medicine shows, Baba Yaga Arts Wagon is a traveling stage where people from all walks of life can gather and build a community around the arts.
Words by Zelda Grant | November 29, 2019 | Lifestyle

Taking creativity outside the conventional box, Baba Yaga Arts Wagon puts it on — quite obviously — a traveling wagon. Add in a collective of like-minded artists from all disciplines, give them a bit of free reign, and with the help of grants and donors they are able to provide amusing, thought-provoking, utterly entertaining shows free of charge in the hopes of making performance art more accessible to those who have yet to connect to the art culture. Think of bringing totally unleashed new, original, locally made multi-disciplinary artwork into the community in order to build a larger creative family. They’re taking it to the streets with intentions to inspire, share, play and celebrate humanity at its finest;