While, to most, “Time to get up and make the donuts” is a folksy aphorism, for Andy Rodriguez, Amanda Pizarro and the rest of The Salty Donut crew, it’s a call-to-action. See what happens behind-the-scenes at our city savviest sugary dough den.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | March 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

What’s too early in the morning to make a dream come true? For the team that develops and decorates some of the most staggeringly sensational sweets at Wynwood-based The Salty Donut, the answer is it’s never too early. Which is why the dedicated crew at this artisanal donut shop & coffee bar rolls into the shop at the frankly unconscionable hour of 3 a.m. “That’s the time when we’re first rolling out dough, cutting shapes, proofing batches and frying donuts,” say Co-Owners Andy Rodriguez and Amanda Pizarro. “By 10 a.m.-10:30 a.m., we start decorating, and the prep crew does their thing to make sure we’re ready to roll the next day. And from there, we just keep cranking stuff out!” Curating a careful ballet of rolling, cutting, proofing, frying, decorating, transporting, selling and serving up 12 flavors (not including seasonal specials) roughly every two hours until they turn the fryers off at 3 p.m., the many hands that go into making these peerless pastries prove that it’s not the occasional eccentricities, but rather the perfectly reproducible rhythms that are the ingredients of true craftsmanship;