An ideal way to celebrate the season of regrowth, what makes for a more fascinating Easter morning surprise than a chocolate rabbit? Why, a living, breathing 4-legged friend of your very own!
Text by Ryan Jarrell | April 3, 2018 | Lifestyle

As essential to morning happiness as a cafecito, Java’s bright and buoyant attitude makes breaking the dawn with this doggone ideal specimen of caninehood a true pleasure. As fond of long walks across our urban landscape as she is patiently waiting at home for her master’s return, this magnificent mutt seems to be bred specifically to live in paradise;


Rescued minutes from an untimely demise at a local kill shelter, Ed, like most survivors of near-death experiences, is eager to live a zestful and loving life with any family that will have him. Leash-trained, housebroken and an all-around lovely, cuddly guy, we simply can’t imagine anyone NOT wanting to adopt this peerless pooch;


A stately, electrifying young pup able to keep up with even the most athletic amongst us, Sparky’s winning attitude, good looks and A+ obedience makes him an easy fit for any brand of Brickellite and city dweller. Not only very trainable and behaved, Sparky’s ready-and-rearing attitude makes him perfect for such recreations as agility training and jogging around the block;

Feline Follies

It’s a terrible end to a perfect day: Fresh home from a night on the town or exhausted from a day of hard work, one of the worst sensations in the world is to stumble home only to discover your cat has peed the bed, couch or other important home accessory. An impossible-to-miss odor and potential ruiner of expensive mattresses and bedding, there’s no way around it: While owning 4-legged friends is the light of any pet owner’s, in that moment, owning a cat just stinks. Literally. Luckily, this is a problem with a number of easy-to-implement solutions to ensure that you could quite possibly never have to deal with the issue again. Solution #1 is easy: Scoop your kitty’s litter box daily and clean out the litter entirely once a week. Cats are solitary animals, and, unlike dogs, try to mask their droppings as much as possible. As such, they won’t use a thoroughly soiled space when a perfectly comfortable couch is right around the corner. Solution #2 is also simple: Like real estate, location is everything. If your litter box is near noise and chaos, such as next to an A/C vent, your cat is unlikely to use it. The 3rd and final solution, and one you should hopefully be doing anyway, is to THOROUGHLY cleaning the spot where your feline friend has done their dirty work. Cats will instinctively return to a spot where they think it’s safe to urinate — and return as often as they please.