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Director’s Choice

Imagine Scarlett Johansson in you hot tub or Bruce Willis in your kitchen. Not to mention extra cash in your pocket. Does your home, mansion or condo have what it takes to be the movies?
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 23, 2018 | Culture & Art

Filmmakers are looking for spacious homes with character. Even interesting properties that are too tight and without much light, which won’t qualify for film, can be used for still shoots or cast/crew housing (this is especially useful if you’re a seasonal resident). Rental fees can range from a few hundred for a photo shoot to several thousand per day for a blockbuster. Rates vary based on the production budget and the length of the shoot — sometimes there’s even funds to move your family to a hotel during filming. The catch? Be sure you’re really ready to turn over your well-maintained home to an army of people who are going to come in and take over. Still interested? The first step is to contact your local film office to let them know your home is available and get a list of location service resources;