Digital Domicile

Recognizing that today’s Brickell residents require the latest and greatest in digital supplements, Smart Brickell is rewiring our city’s conception of what condo living entails.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 10, 2018 | Lifestyle

It’s an odd truth of our advanced age that, while the contents of our pockets have been revolutionized multiple times over since the digital revolution, our residences remain mournfully marooned in the last century. Aware that we are, by our very nature, inherently innovative, and dedicated to providing us with domiciles perched perfectly atop the cutting-edge of technological advancement, Smart Brickell has not only been designed with all the fantastic digital accessories required for modern living, but is in fact a completely curated architecture and design space thoroughly suffused with all manner of groundbreaking smart tech. Outfitted with digital thermostat system Nest, uber-intelligent Samsung appliances and Amazon’s excelsior Echo/Alexa voice service, and featuring a number of truly stunning design and usage options, it’s clear that Smart Brickell and its interceptors The Habitat Group, Gensler and Arquitectonica Interiors are constructing with only the modern Miamian in mind;