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The talent behind some of South Florida’s most stunning interiors, Lineaire Design’s Dominique Bonet passes on her wisdom and insight to help us get the most out of our homes.
Text by Dominique Bonet | April 30, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

1. The Flooring: The first big decision you need to make when you start doing your home is flooring. Floors set the mood, style and tone.

2. Neutral Basis: Keep all of the major pieces of décor in neutral tones, then add pops of color with pillows, throws, etc., which can be changed as needed to give the home a new look.

3. Kelvin Advice: To make a room more cozy and inviting, choose warm white lights around 3500 on the Kelvin scale.

4. Light Effects: Indirect light is key to creating a nice ambience. Never forget dimmers, they can add a lot of nuance.

5. Couture Fabrics: For me, linens should always be white. This gives them a crisp, clean and elegant look.

6. Consider Scale: Proportions are extremely important. Furniture needs to have the right scale in reference to the space.

7. Don’t Over-Furnish: Less is more.  All pieces need their own space to breathe.

8. Reflective Beauty: Mirror placement is crucial. It can help make a room look larger, while mirrors placed across from windows will help bounce light around the room.

9. Dramatic Drapes: If you have high ceilings, enhance that look with long drapes. For low ceilings, consider solar shades instead.

10. Scent As Décor: Fragrances can generate a sense of well-being. Choose soft, fresh scents. The right scent can give a relieving feeling as soon as you walk in the door.

Dominique Bonet is the Founder, Partner & Designer at Lineaire Designs.
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