Defending Children

Inspired by her mother’s work within the child welfare system, Kadie Black became a Guardian Ad Litem at just 19 years old. Today, she is the proud new CEO & President of Voices For Children Foundation.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | Photos by Edward Leal | September 28, 2022 | People

Serving as a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) for children in foster care was the beginning of what is now a 20-year career for Kadie Black that includes leadership roles in various child welfare organizations including Foster Care Review, Our Kids of Miami-Dade and Monroe, Inc., Kristi House, and her current position as CEO & President of Voices For Children Foundation. In her new role, she aims to build on the great work of the organization to make it possible for every single person in Miami-Dade County to contribute to children in foster care — whether it be through their time, their money or their voice. “Research shows that having one consistent and stable person in a child’s life can dramatically increase their ability to flourish into a healthy and productive adult,” she says. “Through the generosity of our community, Voices For Children can continue to fulfill its core mission of providing 100% GAL representation of children in foster care, while working to secure their safety, well-being, stability and quality of life.”;