Deep Contemplation

While benevolent in his perspective, David Gary Lloyd’s artworks comment on the role mass marketing plays in molding the Western persona.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | Images courtesy of David Gary Lloyd | March 29, 2020 | People

Utilizing photography, digital painting and mixed media, David Gary Lloyd explores humanity’s perception of beauty within natural and material settings. His art presents a dreamy view of the world that is at once mesmerizing and deeply thought-provoking; a visual dialogue on the psychological effects of mass marketing and its great influence on the modern perspective. This comes as no surprise from a man who holds BFAs in Photography and Graphic Design, with a focus on Advertising from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). In addition to his vibrant photography, which has been featured in Vogue Mexico, Huffpost, SaatchiArt and DesignMilk, he recently held a position as a Teaching Artist at PAMM, where he led museum tours for Florida youth, provoking analysis and insight into the themes of contemporary art, thereby encouraging a new generation of artists and art connoisseurs;