The idea of owning an iconic Porsche 356 is tempting, but the tiny 60-hp engine, lumpy suspension, no A/C and an interior that makes your dog’s bed seem luxurious are deal-breakers. Until now.
Text by Bill Lindsey | February 9, 2018 | Luxury

James Dean loved fast cars; his last ride was in “Little Bastard,” his race-prepped Porsche 550, but he had a Porsche 356 for his daily commute to the movie studio. The first 356 rolled off the assembly line in 1950, changing the automotive world forever. The classic design remains breathtaking, but unless you have taken a monk’s oath renouncing pleasure, it won’t be your daily driver. The folks at Starke found a way to deliver the 356 that Porsche would be making now. The solution was pretty simple: drop a 356-ish body onto the mechanical bits of a modern Porsche Boxster. Suddenly you have an incredibly capable Starke Speedster with A/C, power steering, a reliable fuel-injected engine, great brakes and an interior so lush you’ll want to drive around naked. Simply supply Starke with a “donor” 1997-2012 Boxster (you can find a good one for less than $15,000) and they will transform it into a car that will make you howl with happiness;