Daddy Duty

When it comes to fatherhood, no one can really explain the joys and responsibilities that come with the job. Meet some Miami dads who always put family first.

Interviews by Kaya Baez
Photography by Alê Bomeny
Production by Ana Claudia Negri
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The Power Of Parenting

In many ways, Malcolm Solomon is a real-life superhero. Besides being a life-saving firefighter, first responder, paramedic and inspiring NCSF certified trainer, he’s also a great role model to his young son, Malcolm Gabriel (4), who worships the ground he walks on. There isn’t a dull day — or moment — that goes by as far as this loving father-son duo is concerned. “There’s absolutely nothing that can compare to when I get home at the end of a long day at work and he comes running straight into my arms screaming, ‘Daddy! I missed you! I love you!’ — it’s the highlight of my day and the best feeling in the world!”

Best Gift Ever: “My perfect Father’s Day is just spending time with my son and watching him play, learn and continue growing into an incredible human being.”

Fatherly Advice: “I always let new dads know that they will very quickly realize that being a father is extremely challenging work…but at the same time you will discover that it is definitely worth it!” 

Stronger Together: “Things like changing diapers, getting up early when they’re sick and taking them to the doctor, etc., are all things you go through with your child that creates an extremely strong bond — so don’t shy away from those things even if you feel out of place.”

Famous Father: “I relate to Carl Winslow from Family Matters because he’s a regular everyday dad but also a police officer,” he says. “The situations he faces both at home and at work are very relatable in my day-to-day activities.”

Rays Of Sunshine

Even though his schedule working as a VP, Digital Product Strategy and Design at Adweek can get pretty hectic, Simon Dabkowski always makes time for his daughter, Brooklyn (2). “Anytime I see her interacting with her friends — the empathy, compassion and the social language she’s slowly beginning the evolve is quite captivating,” he says. “Having a little version of yourself in your life that you can completely get lost in by attempting to see and experience the world through her eyes is by far one of the best parts of fatherhood.”

City Living: “Miami is the best place to raise kids because you can’t beat the weather, culture, open spaces and overall quality of life.”

Time Flies: “I’m in no way in a hurry to rush any future life stage beyond this one! Every single day so far has been exciting — you come to learn a lot about yourself by seeing your child evolve and grow up.”

Face First: “Last year for Father’s Day, I received a pair of pink socks with Brooklyn’s head plastered as print pattern on them. I wear them with pride and it’s hilarious to see her put them on like stockings and walk around bow-legged like a cowboy — she really is a clown!”

No Manual: “For anyone who’s about to be a dad, don’t worry about attempting to define what type of dad you will be — just let everything happen…and remember that no matter how great of a dad you think you’ll be, you will very quickly realize that Mom is always king!”

Life To The Fullest

Miami native and LNS Gallery’s Sergio Cernuda is not only one of the world’s most revered Gallerists & Art Collectors, he’s also a great dad to his daughters, Siena (12) and Savina (8). “The diversity of cultures in Miami keeps my daughters engaged in a worldly perspective,” he says. “As a family, we take advantage of our year-round fantastic weather and go out and play in parks and beaches anytime of the year as often as we can.” And, he says, the best part of fatherhood is the joy he feels each day he spends with his girls. “Nothing compares to the feeling every morning when we greet one another with hugs and kisses — every day is Father’s Day for me!”

Lessons Learned: “The most challenging part of being a parent is teaching your children discipline and patience — it requires you to act in the same manner!”

Foreign Flair: “Our trip to Lucerne to visit our family is by far one of our most memorable experiences,” he says. “We took a tugboat tour around Lake Lucerne and enjoyed a delicious lunch at one of Mark Twain’s favorite towns, Weggis. The writer’s words were spot on when he described the scenery as beyond comparison!”

Family Fun: “Playing hide & seek around the house is our favorite pastime — and it gets better and better as they get older and more clever,” he says. “It may sound cliché but I’m looking forward to all the stages in their lives that I will be blessed to experience.”

From The Heart: “The most important thing in life is love, love and more love,” he says. “The best gift you can give your kids is to teach them how to be part of life’s loving moments.”