Cyber Star

At a time when everyone wants to share their every waking thought with the world, it’s refreshing to find a blogger in town that actually has something interesting to say — whether she’s writing to entertain complete strangers or her best friends.
Text by Lourdes Reigosa Photos courtesy of | June 22, 2018 | People

Hey, move over, Carrie Bradshaw. There’s a new social sensation taking Miami — and the Internet — by storm. Annah Banana, Founder of popular website and blog When Red Means Go started writing to delight her friends, but she never would’ve guessed her hobby would blow up as it has. “Times are hard and we undoubtedly live in a different world, but what better way to get through these times then by facing them head on with a smile and a sunny disposition?,” she says.
How this came to be seems to have come straight out of a movie plot. Annah stumbled upon her true passion for writing and relating to others entirely by mistake, or rather with the help of a dear friend. “She insisted I open my own blog, which I would usually discard as something frivolous and self-absorbed,” she says. “Then one day she emailed me the link to my new domain along with a note that read, ‘Here, start writing for me.’ And that’s where it all began.”
To Annah, the idea of blogs being a place where people do nothing but complain and whine about their lives is nothing but a preconceived notion. She throws the myth of the blogosphere making us impersonal right out the window…in fact, she advocates its incredible job of bringing people closer together. For her, blogging is about the interaction complete strangers can have when bonded by popular topics. “When Red Means Go isn’t your typical celebrity gossip destination, but more of a place to interact with readers from all over the world. I’d almost describe it as a virtual nightclub,” explains Annah. “There’s laughter, strangers, encounters, drama, sex and a bunch of others things rolled into one delectable package.”
It’s clear that Annah was onto something big especially when Google bestowed upon her a “Blog of Note Award” within 4 months of the blog’s inception. It was a sweet moment for Annah that opened up the floodgates from readers of all corners of the planet. “When I receive emails from people in the U.S., Africa, South Asia, Europe and Australia encouraging me to keep writing and telling me how much they love my site, there’s just no greater feeling,” she says. “It gives my dreams a sense of purpose and pushes me to keep striving for what may at some point seem impossible.”
And you can bet she has every intention of reaching for the stars by reaching into cyberspace. Not that she clearly hasn’t already.
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