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Cyber Chic

We’ve virtualized practically every aspect of our day-to-day, why, we ask, does designing our den have to be any different? Answering this question with a team of cutting-edge Virtual Reality Programmers and Expert Interior Designers comes Decorilla, the next generation of interior decoration.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 7, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

It’s an idea almost too cliché to express. Bold advances in technology have restructured the way we think about, well, everything. From how we express deep-seated emotions to the way we order takeout, we live in a world unimaginable to our forebears even 30 years ago. And yet, despite so many paradigm shifts, the occasional technological advance still leaves us surprised. Such is the case with Decorilla, the seamlessly state-of-the-art design firm that links you with teams of dedicated interior aesthetes sure to satisfy your specific tastes. From individual consultations to staggering VR walkthroughs of your updated space and assistance in finding the best deal for your budget, Decorilla has recast the way we think about interior design. “Traditionally, interior design is a luxury most people can’t access, either due to high costs or location,” says Decorilla CEO Agnieszka Wilk. “Decorilla makes quality interior design accessible to anyone.” With a business plan poised on the cutting-edge, there’s plenty of room to let your imagination soar;