Curated Sipping

The folks at Last Drop Distillers normally look backwards, to rare, old and exceptional spirits. With Phoebe, the first intuitive whisky decanter, they’ve gone space-age.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | December 27, 2019 | Lifestyle

Inventors, designers, artists and engineers Keivor John & Richard Harvey of Harvey & John collaborated with Last Drop Distillers to create Phoebe, a beautifully designed state-of-the-art decanter that detects a glass underneath, sends liquid up the stem and bows to perfectly pour the chosen spirit within. Once it has poured your drink, “she” returns to an upright position, patiently waiting for the next glass to be placed. Phoebe is an innovative social tool and table centerpiece that extends the tasting experience with its slow, graceful bowing motion, offering a moment of reflection and stillness before pouring a perfect serving. Here’s some interesting trivia: the first prototype was named Penelope because The Last Drop Co-Founder, Tom Jago, used to joke that his wife, Penelope, had never poured him a drink in over 60 years of marriage!;