Credit Genius

Put your pants on a diet without having to give up dessert. COIN turns that fat wallet full of credit cards distorting your pantline into a single-digital unit. Plus, it warns you if you’ve left it behind.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 26, 2018 | Lifestyle

COIN is a tech-connected credit card-size device that takes away the need to carry separate credit, debit, loyalty, gift and other everyday cards. It works with the COIN app to scan and organize your cards, then you’re good to go. Just select the card you want on the small screen and swipe. Since it’s able to sync with a mobile device, it monitors device proximity to let you know if it’s been left behind and sends an alert. After a false start where the company overestimated the ease of digitizing the existing analogue credit system, COIN is back with a planned release of the first production units for Summer 2015;