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Often the biggest challenges come with the smallest spaces. With degrees in both architecture and interior design, Nicholas Gennari and Roberto Racy are experts on compact apartment design.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | Photos by Gabriel Volpi | December 28, 2021 | Design & Real Estate

The booming real estate market in Brickell and rising prices has led to a market trend of compact apartment units. The team at NAR Design Studio is often asked to design these units to maximize the use of space with specific layouts, custom woodwork and smart solutions. “Design is not only about aesthetics but also about functionality,” says Roberto Racy. “As architects and designers, we have the technical knowledge to combine ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics. As Millennials, we understand how to coordinate form and function to deliver a minimalist and yet luxurious environment.” Their approach combines custom furniture and millwork with creative solutions of layout. “We always play with mirrors, partitions, paneling and lighting design to enlarge spaces and embrace surrounding views,” says Nicholas Gennari. “Our basic principle is to artistically play and manipulate the perspective, voids and solids in the focal points of the projects to manipulate the perception of space.” They think about living spaces as a tridimensional volumetric canvas and not isolated surfaces. “The user is always the center of the experience,” they say. “We choose where the eyes are going to focus to highlight our design.” What’s more, they were recently honored with a 2021 SBID International Design Award;