Conscientious Virtuoso

Born in Valencia, Venezuela, and now calling the sun-swept shores of Miami home — muralist and artist Ramon Aular is all about creating beauty, collaborating with peers and inspiring community involvement.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 19, 2018 | People

There aren’t too many individuals who can boast they were raised admiring original Salvador Dali and Oswaldo Guayasamin works, but this young man with handsome screen idol looks certainly can. Not that he does. Ramon Aular is one of those creative souls with the debonair appeal of Cary Grant, and the courteous discretion of royalty. His parents collected the work of both artists, and Aular became enchanted by the colors, details and dimensions from an early age. After receiving a degree in visual arts and later one in graphic design, he relocated to Miami and has collaborated with the likes of Jeff Koons, Romero Britto and the irreverent Mr. Brainwash. Aular believes art is about communicating a wide range of emotions to the world via colors and drawings. He also serves as a benefactor donating time, art and resources to organizations such as St. Jude, Best Buddies and Aid For Aids;