$$$ Clip

There’s no need to fear the dreaded tab any longer: You’ll welcome it so you can show off the world’s most expensive money clip. The Hou Yi Money Clip by Oriens & Grey is handmade with 14 kt. gold and the highest-grade sterling silver by Chinese master craftsman Li Bosheng. What’s most extraordinary about this wallet alternative is the chiseled Hetian Jade centerpiece, a rare white stone only found in two rivers in Xinjiang, China, and considered the most valuable jade in the world. It’s so special that Chinese emperors used it in their personal seals. If that’s not enough to start you saving up to buy one, this rare stone is on the verge of extinction. Available for $5,600, this powerful accessory requires a month’s wait time to be completed because it’s only made to order. To feel like a king or queen all year long, visit