Classic…But Better!

We live in good times for car enthusiasts. Ford’s iconic Mustang is an epic example of how muscle cars of the ‘60s are back, but even better than they were way back when.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 16, 2018 | Luxury

When Ford introduced the Mustang at the New York World Fair in 1964, it was a game-changer. Suddenly there was a real American sportscar. Chevy wouldn’t introduce the Camaro for a couple more years, and with the Corvette priced quite a bit higher, the Mustang had no real competition. Yes, the Mustang got fat and slow in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but today’s models are much like the original skinny, sexy car, only so very much better. Modern engines — and brakes — make the new Mustang a much faster, safer, more reliable car. If you want pure adrenalin every time you slide behind the wheel, opt for the Shelby GT 350R with a 5.2 liter, 526-hp engine, huge Brembo brakes (if you go fast, you must be able to stop even faster) and a 6-speed transmission that will confound most millennials. If you prefer a bit more practicality, but love the retro look, consider the Eco Boost with its impressive MPG ratings and automatic transmission;