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Much like its New York namesake, Brickell Flatiron is a symbol that will stand the test of time, with an unwavering commitment to building the best-quality development on full display both inside and out.
Text by Anja Maltav | Portrait by Richard Rodriguez | November 29, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

For more than 20 years, Ugo Colombo’s CMC Group has bet big on Downtown Miami. Driven by the pursuit of perfection, the firm has consistently raised the bar for luxury development and great architecture, starting with Bristol Tower and Santa Maria and carrying through to it latest project, Brickell Flatiron. “Ugo’s projects are a reflection of a moment in time and Brickell Flatiron represents Miami’s coming of age as a cosmopolitan city with a thriving downtown at its heart,” says Chris Suarez, Senior Sales Associate at Brickell Flatiron. “Our residents will walk outside their door and find themselves in a major city — just a few steps away from the best shopping, restaurants and nightlife that Miami has to offer.” More than an iconic address, Brickell Flatiron exudes sophistication and prestige, further accentuating Brickell’s evolution into a center for commerce and culture. The project also stands to anchor the neighborhood by imbuing it with a fresh identity and new public green space — dubbed Brickell Flatiron Park — to encourage socialization and a place for the community to gather. “Brickell Flatiron is more than a beautiful building, it’s inspirational,” adds Suarez. “We hope the entire community takes pride in it.” Brickell Flatiron is anticipated to top off by the end of 2018 with completion scheduled for summer 2019;